Google for Entrepreneurs Exchange is a week-long immersion program that bridges the gap between startups, experts, & new markets.




Each Exchange brings together startups from around the world in a specific industry to a different tech hub location in the Google for Entrepreneurs network to develop relationships, improve products, and prepare for investor meetings.


Startups are provided with work space in the tech hubs, attend programmed events and workshops, and are given opportunities to meet with high quality mentors and investors.  

Exchange Locations

Smart city

NUMA, Paris

Application Window Closed

An Exchange Experience

"The GFE experience was 6 long days, 7 nights, 10 incredible teams, and a whole lot of fun. We had some incredible speakers like David Langer from Zesty, Ligaya Tichy from Airbnb, and Dave Munichiello from Google Ventures. We opened up about the truth of scaling, building a community during growth, and the importance of cultures." 
Andrea Perdomo | COO, Revolar